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Updated: 6/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • O man, I dont wan to tell my people this! (the false news)
  • One main theme of this perek is bravery. bravery is shown many times throughout this perek like when baruch stood up for yirmiyahi and risked his own life. Additionally, when Yirmiyahu didn't want to tell his people the false news, but he had to.
  • Hashem, How can you betray me? says yirmiyahu
  • Another major theme in thus perek is betreyal. The people betray hashem by worshiping other things and yirmiyahu feels like god betrayed him.
  • God, Please forgive us!-
  • The Jews
  • another significant theme in this perek is forgiveness. Although the jews do many bad things Hashem forgives them at the end of the day
  • God please don't judge us based on our previous poor behavior, give them another chance!
  • another theme in this perek is judgement. Before doing all the bad things the jews did, they should of thought about what Hashem would want or how he would judge them. Throughout the perek Hashem judges the people based of their good and bad things by rewarding them or punishing them.
  • Yirmiyahu
  • God, why are you abandoning us?!?!
  • one of the major themes throughout sefer yirmiyahu was Hashem abandoning Yirmiyahu and his people abandoning Hashem.
  • The babylonians invading the Jews
  • Jews- O no, were getting invaded!
  • CHARGE!!!!!!!
  • The last theme of this perek is pain. the Jews constantly faced many harships like pain and suffereing throughout this perek. especially when they got invaded.
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