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Updated: 12/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition: There are seven different students in mr. Turepts classroom, all of the students do not get along with each other they all have different personalitys.
  • Rising Action: The students take advantage of hiss nicenecss they bully each other they also pull pranks on each other and they rough house.
  • Climax: one of the pranks goes horribly wrong, Mr. Turept gets hit in the head by a snowball.
  • Falling Action: The students in Mr. Turepts room start to blame each other for the snowball accident. The students visit Mr. Turept in the hospital and wait for is segury.
  • Resolution: mr.Turept wakes up from his coma and survives the surgery and suprises the kids and he walks with them to 6th grade.
  • Story board about Mr. Turept. By: Cam Conn
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