Migration exploration 3
Updated: 12/19/2019
Migration exploration 3
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  • Now presenting calm Chile!
  • Tifanny Taborda Soto P6
  • Eeeeek!
  • Chile is known as one of Latin America's WEALTHIEST, MOST STABLE and PEACEFUL countries which seems like a great place to immigrate to!
  • I think that Chile may have it's falls but it still seems like a great place to live it has an amazing unemployment rate, Life expectancy rate and a good amount of years in school! and there are many other positive things about Chile.
  • In some countries they have an AMAZING amount of years in school, that's not the same in a lot of places like how in the US you have 12 years of school which is great! some countries don't even have TEN. You may be thinking, "that sounds awful!" Chile has only 7.5 years in school! which is pretty bad in some people's opinions what's good about them having 7.5 years in school is that some places they don't even have ONE FULL YEAR! that's not good for those places but at least Chile has some years which isn't bad.
  • My essay
  • Goal: Turn in all countries assignments
  • 1-7-19
  • In Chile there is an amazing chance that you can get a job when you can! which is really good there is still a chance you won't the percent of people without jobs even though you are able to work is 8.7% that's pretty good but other places have better percent!
  • Countries available Mexico Brazil
  • Chile has an amazing life expectancy rate, it's around 80 to 85 years that is the best amount of years you could live in Chile.
  • Although that may be the best amount of years you could live there, there are different causes of death and that's a big push but its still an amazing amount.
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