Updated: 1/6/2021

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  • Hi Mr.Plant, can you tell my fellow friend here a little bit about Photosynthesis?
  • Oh, sure Mr.Rabbit!
  • Photosynthesis is a process where plants make their own food using, water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide from air and soil.
  • Mr.Plant uses the energy from my sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen.
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • sunlight
  • WOW!
  • Thanks for the energy I need Mr.Sun!
  • I then draw water from the ground through my roots.
  • After that my leaves take in Carbon Dioxide from the air through my Stomata, and they trap the energy from the sunlight given to me by Mr.Sun
  • Mr.Plant uses the energy from my light to turn water and carbon dioxide into sugar, glucose and oxygen.
  • Ahh I know, then Mr.Plant releases oxygen in the air and uses the sugar to grow.
  • Glucose is stored in me as my food !
  • Thank you Mr.Plant and Mr.Sun!
  • Now this process will repeat over and over again
  • Glucose stored in the plant
  • Oxygen
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