Birthday in Quarantine

Updated: 9/10/2020
Birthday in Quarantine

Storyboard Text

  • ACTION: Boy wakes up to alarm on his phone.CAMERA: Zoom in on the phone to a notification about his birthday.SOUND: Sad background music.
  • ACTION: Boy begins to do activities by himself and is lonely.CAMERA: Watches boy do activities from a distance.SOUND: Sad background music.
  • ACTION: Boy walks toward the door to answer.CAMERA: Looking at boy walking.SOUND: Knock at the door. Sad music fades out
  • ACTION: Another boy shows up to give a birthday card.CAMERA: Watching the 2 boys.SOUND: Happy music begins to play.
  • ACTION: 2 boys begin doing activities together.CAMERA: Watching from a distance.SOUND: Happy music in background.
  • ACTION: Boy going to bed with a smile on his face.CAMERA: Close up on boy's face.SOUND: Happy music in background fades out to black screen.