Science Evolution
Updated: 11/11/2018
Science Evolution
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  • Today the panda feeds on 99% of bamboo and due to its low nutritional values panda needs to consume 15/40 kg every day.The increase in the population in China has caused a massive destruction of bamboo .Moreover 52.9-71.3% of current forests could be lost due to global warming ; The existence of the panda is in danger!
  • What about changing my diet? Basically i'm a bear
  • We are cousins, we have a grandfather in common
  • in 100,000 years because of natural selection (which makes that organisms with characteristics favorable to a certain environment are able to survive and reproduce more easily increasing in number) in my opinion the pandas, taking advantage of their carnivorous stomach, will change their diet and some of their physical characteristics :the fur will become brown to a better camouflage in the nature , the teeth will be more and more sharp and suitable to cut the meat of prey, finally the eyes will be able to see in the darkness to allow pandas to surprise their prey at night.
  • Once grown, pandas do not have many predators able to hunt them because they are very large (50 / 95kg) compared to many other animals. Puppies, on the other hand, are very small at birth can weigh between 70 and 120 grams, and also in the process of growth before becoming adults always remain small (5 / 6kg). The predators (snow leopards, yellow-throated martens, eagles, feral dogs) can therefore easily attack the young. This does not help the increase in the number of individuals of the species
  • in 100000 years then the panda will become even bigger: as an adult it will come to weigh between 80 and 140 kg so that even the newborn puppies and during the growth have such dimensions that they can be protected from the attacks of predators. This would favor the increase in the population of pandas because many more puppies would survive and then they could reproduce by giving birth to new large puppies.
  • the bigger the safer
  • too much for me
  • too heavy
  • help me!There is a giant
  • What's happened?
  • I'm a bearanda, a fearsome predator!
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