Updated: 9/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • "Man"
  • In Plato's Allegory of the cave he talks about existence. It has a lot of ethical views in which he states that "life is like being chained up in a cave".
  • "I'm free!"
  • And right he was because this story with a hidden meaning is about a group of prisoners who were kept in a cave only to watch shadows flicker around day and night.
  • "Oof my eyes!"
  • In the Allegory, a group of prisoners have been confined in a cavern since birth, with no knowledge of the outside world. They are chained, facing a wall, unable to turn their heads while the fire behind them gives off a little light. Occasionally people pass by the fire with objects of some sort, leaving shadows casting on the wall. The prisoners name and classify these illusions, believing their perceiving actual entities
  • "You know that tree is real and that's its shadow created by the sunlight."
  • "Are you telling me this is a mere reflection?"
  • Suddenly, one prisoner is free and is bought to see the outside for the first time.
  • When he is outside, he finds it hard to adjust to these conditions. The sunlight hurts his eyes and the warmth is strange.
  • He could not believe it when he was told that the things around him were real and that the shadows were mere reflections. The shadows seemed much more clearer to him. But gradually as his eyes adjusted to his surroundings, he could see his reflection in the water, objects and even looking at the sun directly.
  • "Sonny, we've been over this, it's a shadow."