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Africa Projects
Updated: 3/25/2020
Africa Projects
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  • Men in Africa are forced to work in diamond mines, for long hours of the day, for everyday, every year, just to provide for their families. Imagine doing this, but during the middle of violence. Blood diamonds aee diamonds that are mined in the middle of war or armed conflict. Even after the diamonds are found, cleaned, and sold, the profits just go right back into the armed conflict in the affected areas.
  • Apartheid was a set of laws that separated whites and Africans. Apartheid racially separated people into four different groups, WHITES, BLACKS, COLORED, INDIANS. Apartheid was meant to protect white's domination, while it was a continuation of injustices for the blacks. Everything was sepatated, because Apartheid meant seprateness. It was "exploitation by design"
  • Women in Africa are supposed to walk miles on miles everyday just to try and get a small amounts of water. Carrying heavy jugs filled with water some families only hope if they can get some water for the night. water scarity is a major problem that is affecting many people around the world. Even children are forced to make this long journey and try to reuse as much as the dirty water as they can.
  • Water Scarcity
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