Weakness of the AOC

Updated: 10/6/2021
Weakness of the AOC

Storyboard Text

  • Federal Government Couldn't Tax
  • NO WAY!
  • We need MONEY!
  • Jealousy and Arguing among states
  • Cheapest peaches here!
  • 12 states agree. Do you?
  • Laws needed approval by nine of the thirteen states.
  • There shall be no law then.
  • Law Agreement Here!
  • I don't!
  • Congress couldn’t put taxes on the states. Each state had more freedom than Congress. If Congress needed money they would have to ask every state and if one didn't want to, usually every state didn't.
  • Congress did not have the power to draft an army
  • We need an military, but we can't.
  • The AOC caused many states to argue. The states had so much power that one state was better than the other. They would tax each other things which the states didn't like since Britain was taxing them. They would make things cheaper just so that state could look better.
  • Congress did not have the power to settle disputes among states
  • Stop killing my people!
  • For a law to be created, each state had to agree that it was good and it was going to help the states out somehow. If a state didn't agree than the law wouldn't be enforced. One state could ruin it for everyone.
  • Congress Had No Power Overall
  • FIRE!
  • Each state had their own militia. That means each state had an army of citizens just incase something happened. If Britain came in and decided to create a war, we would lose because we wouldn't have one. Congress could not force anyone to be in the military.
  • Congress had to let the 13 states do their things. If the states got into an argument, Congress had to let the states settle it by themselves. Congress could not get in the way or say who was right or wrong.
  • The states have the most power out of everyone. Congress only had some things they could do that the states couldn't.
  • Federal Government
  • Congress
  • States