The Landlady Entree
Updated: 12/9/2020
The Landlady Entree

Storyboard Text

  • Excuse me sir, do you know where the nearest and cheapest place that I can be able to stay at?
  • The Bell and Dragon, about a quarter of a mile that way.
  • Hmm, something about this place is just so compelling?BED AND BREAKFAST?
  • Welcome in! Only five and six pence a night.
  • Please sign your name on the Guess list Book, it the law of the land.
  • These names sound familiar.
  • Ding!
  • Five and six pence a night, that's less then half of what I was will to pay for!
  • Hmm... Gregory Temple and Christopher Mulholland?
  • The first floor is mine, the second is where your room is Mr.?
  • Mr. Weaver
  • This is the room you will be staying, you should come down for tea soon.
  • Ok, thank you!
  • Only you.
  • Have you have any other guest lately besides me.
  • This tea taste like bitter almonds.