Roman project
Updated: 12/18/2019
Roman project
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  • I am done with seeing my clients I will now go to the forum then I will go home and get ready for the cena
  • Hi I'm Caecilius and I were a toga's.
  • Hi I am Matella and I were Stola's.
  • I am a slave and I help matella put on her stola also make-up.
  • Here is what you need for a cena. you need to lean on you left elbow the eat with your right hand, make sure you have an entertainer, also if you are less wealthy you have to stand up to eat, then people would relax and enjoy the cena
  • I'm Matella and these are some things I would do before the Cena. 1. organize a meal for caecilius,2. educate my children,,4. go shopping with my friends,5. go to a temple to worship,6. I would also go to an amphitheater.
  • Join me for breakfast, bread and water.
  • Welcome to my Forum where my bank stall is.
  • I will tell people about this so you will look wealthy.
  • It's midday now, guess it is time for lunch I will start of by eating meat then fruit.
  • It is almost the end of the afternoon now I shall tell Grumio to cook my cena.
  • yes! Caecilius I will be making eggs as an appetizer and peacock as the main dish then cheese for dessert
  • To prepare for the cena I must prepare the triclinium. I need an Entertainer, I need to practice to lean on my left elbow and eat with my right hand,
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