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Updated: 7/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • This module was all about what kind of exercise is right for you. I learned about how to use the FITT principle to learn how long and hard I should exercise and workout.
  • The FITT principle stands for FREQUENCY, INTENSITY, TIME, and TYPE. Frequency is how often you should exercise. Intensity is how taxing the workout should be on your body. Time is how long you should spend working out. Type is what area of your body or areas of your body you should be working out to stay fit.
  • Resistance Training is any kind of training that makes your muscles work against an external force. This means that those muscles will be able to work easier when they aren't subjected to those forces.
  • Flexibility is how freely you can move your body. Having a lack of stretching or exercises that help with flexibility could lead to issues related to muscle movement in the future. Also being flexible decreases the chance of you pulling a muscle or injuring yourself while exercising.
  • Cardiovascular training has to do with your heart and lungs. Doing these helps keep your heart healthy and your lungs as well. Doing these increases how long you can endure exercise.
  • Subjective data is a feeling or thought you get through the way someone talks to you or what someone says. Objective data is data that is measurable, track able, and shows a clear result.