Noah's journey to the center of the Earth

Updated: 10/18/2021
Noah's journey to the center of the Earth

Storyboard Text

  • hi im noah today we will be going to the inner core but first we have to get threw the mantle and outer core and the crust this is going to be a fun journey.
  • its me again and i am at the mantle it is the thickest layer of the earth it is 900 deegrees i am sweating let me grab water.
  • we made it to the outer core! it is a liquid layer it is 8,000 deegrees to 10,000 deegrees
  • the inner core is almost the same exact size as the moon it is 9,000 deegrees
  • i am at the middle of the inner core so it is 9,000 deegrees can you believe that it is so so hot let me get water ill be back again
  • thanks for waiting sorry about that thanks for coming on this journey with me this was so fun bye have a good day