The story of Moses

Updated: 6/9/2020
The story of Moses

Storyboard Text

  • Oh my! What a lovely baby. I shall take him in and raise him as my own.
  • I shall bring my brother along for he is a strong speaker.
  • Me? But I'm not a strong speaker and I stutter very often in public.
  • Moses, the pharaoh has taken your people and turned them into his slaves. You must tell his to set your people free.
  • Fine! You are able to leave along with your people. I shall set them free.
  • I am afraid I can not do that, for I have control over your people now.
  • We ask you to set our people free and leave us in peace.
  • This is unbelievable! How is this happening?
  • What is this? Why is there blood in the river?