changes pt2

Updated: 6/15/2021
changes pt2

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  • School is now over!
  • Thanks Mrs.Ash
  • An example of a chemical change would be if that twig over their got burned. That twig would be ash now which means what it is made of has changed.
  • Hey Phil how do I know if the mass of an object haschange?
  • That's a great question Ron! You can measure how much mass an object has with a triple beam balance.
  • To find density you actually divided the mass you have by the volume of the object
  • You can find the volume if an object through water displacement or with a ruler.
  • Chemical properties are what you can't directly know about an object by looking at it. Physical properties are the properties of an object you can tell without running tests on it
  • Their are actually specific chemical and physical properties.
  • Some of the main chemical properties are the ability to set fire, or if the chemical is poisonous.
  • Some of the main physical properties are  hardness, melting point, and density.