Unknown Story
Updated: 1/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi my name is Sofia
  • Hi my name isLexi
  • Let’s play hide and seek I’ll count!.......5...4....3....2....1
  • Ok!
  • Yes! Also I lied to you about what happened to me yesterday
  • I trust you too, and I’m very sorry
  • Do you wanna color!
  • Oh, I don’t like people who lie to me because I trust you
  • Yes! Can we watch wonder!?
  • Do you wanna watch a movie?
  • Of course!
  • Of course! I won’t tell anyone, you can trust me.
  • I’m so sorry that happened, and I won’t tell anyone.
  • Hey can I tell u something but you can’t tell anyone?
  • I failed my math and English test and I don’t wanna be made fun of 
  • Thank you for coming over. You are a great friend to me, I can trust you and still have fun.
  • Of course anytime and same for you. Bye!
  • A good friend is someone who you can trust, and is honest and doesn’t lie but also can have fun with and joke around with.