Updated: 6/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • introduction
  • problem
  • brr
  • The Boat
  • Adam Hibbs
  • I am Colonel Adam Hibbs
  • Events
  • Leave him Matt
  • groan
  • Israel
  • We are introduced to Matt, Katie, Q, Hooter, and Tony who are the characters of the story.
  • climax
  • Katie Q hessian
  • They get stuck in the 1700's and need to find a way out.
  • Resolution
  • Gustafno
  • Matt and Israel become friends. Israel dies and Matt is found by and cared for by the Hornbees, Nathan and Temprance farmers in New Jersey.
  • conclusion
  • Katie and Q are captured by the Hessians in new Jersey.
  • Matt this is your fault
  • Katie Knows were the boat and they get it and go home.
  • I know something you don't
  • They make it home and celebrate their victory.
  • yes
  • Am I a club person now