Wa 7 Assignment
Updated: 4/1/2021
Wa 7 Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • "After reading Gina's story, I hope that you engage with a person who has a severe intellectual disability you will look and talk to him or her just the same as you would anyone else. " (pg. xviii)
  • One way as a teacher to help share the voices of parents is holding parent-teacher associations or community meetings where parents are able to come and educate parents and even other teachers about the various disabilities and think of new and effective ways to collaborate with one another.
  • Another way to help share the voices of parents could be the use of technology. As a teacher, we can hold video calls via zoom or google meet with parents during afterschool just to communicate about anything that they might be concerned about. Through the use of technology parents set up a scheduled meeting and even record the sessions and refer back to them if needed.
  • To help motivate parents to share their voices, I would let the parents know that they are not alone. There are other parents who are going through similar situations. Parents are able to come together as a community and express their ideas, concerns, and collaborate with each other. Parents don't need to feel alone rather there are other parents who can empathize and help them.
  • After reading the text and presentation, it really highlighted the idea of never giving up. When you set your mind and think positively, you are able to change your life and have an impact on other lives. Just as Professor Mirabella never give up on Gina, she was able to reach and find all the positives in Gina's life. Within the story, it stated that Gina was able to touch and make difference in so many people's lives.
  • In addition during IEP meetings, its important make sure that parents voices are heard. Its important that consideration, suggestions, or ideas from parents should be recognized. This is because parents knows best when it comes to there own child. Also letting parents have input on what interventions might or might not work for their child in the classroom. In addition, asking parents what are certain things they would like the teacher to implement, modify, or accommodate for their child.
  • Overall, I was able to experience Gina's life and how much of a support system she has. Not only was her mom always there by her side, but she also had doctors, and other parents were there to help her. Gina's life as a whole also had an impact on other people's lives. This goes to show that disability doesn't define a person, because in the end everyone is human and can have a significant influence in another person's life.