Updated: 4/5/2021

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  • Athens education
  • Athens government
  • Athens military
  • Athens believed heavily in reading, writing, math, etc. but also had the boys learn sports, and girls would stay home with their moms and learn household chores. At the age of 18, young men would begin training for your future job.
  • Sparta education
  • Athens was a democracy.If you were over the age of 18 and a boy you would be considered a citizen. They had the council of 500 which was chosen at random every year and made most of the decisions and had to be at least 30 years old and a man to be considered eligible.
  • Sparta government
  • Athens was the leading naval power of Greece and fought most of their battles along the water when needed.
  • Sparta military
  • Their education was based on military training for both boys and girls and would start their training at the age of 7. It was built around strength and discipline. At age 20 the boys were given a fitness test to test their worthiness to the military. If passed you became a citizen and part of the military.
  • Sparta was an oligarchy and had the council of elders which made the majority of the decisions and were made up of 28 members and had 2 kings. You had to be at least 60 years old, from a noble family, and had to serve in the military for life to be considered eligible.
  • Sparta was the leading army force in Greece and took over about everything they needed and didn’t make friends with anyone. They had a huge army made up of men and fought on land.