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Bruno and Shmuel p.2
Updated: 4/5/2019
Bruno and Shmuel p.2
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  • When Bruno and Shmuel met for the first time, thats when they realised how alike they were. They were both born on the same day, forced to move from their original homes and they're both kind off innocent in their own way.
  • Bruno and Shmuel has very different lives. Bruno lives a life where he gets food and school, but Shmuel lives his life behind bars. Bruno is son of a nazi commandant and Shmuel is a jew. Shmuel know a little bit of whats happening in the consentration park, but Bruno doesn't know anything.
  • Bruno loves to play. He like running around acting like a plane like he used to do with his three friends befor he moved to out-with. He also likes reading fantasy books. Shmuel likes to play too, but he cant. Bruno doesn't like to get told what to do, and shmuel probably don't like it too.
  • We are best friends!
  • The plot
  • At first Bruno lived in Berlin. He was out playing with his three friends, having a lot of fun. One day when he came home from school, he got some bad news. They were moving to out-with because of his father, a nazi commandant.
  • I'm sorry Bruno, but we have to move...
  • It's your fathers job.
  • Why?
  • So here we are! Out-with.
  • Let's just settle in.
  • Bruno loves exploring, so he tried to explore around the house. He wasn't actually allowed to go out of the fence arond the house. But did he listen? no. Bruno went outside the fence and ran out in to the woods. When he went long enough he saw a dot that became a speck that became a blob that became a figure that became a boy. Bruno met a boy named Shmuel that lived in a concentration park. They became best friends, and had a plan about finding Shmuels missing father.
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