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Updated: 3/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Conflict Continued
  • ok, ya but sometimes you don't have to do things to make other people happy and it is very bad for you
  • Im really sorry I asked you to vape I just wanted to fit in
  • Conflict
  • umm, so why don't we go to the movies like I said earlier
  • I dont know I still kind of want to vape
  • Resolution
  • you don't have to do bad things to fit in or to get anyone to like you if they want to be your friends they will like you for your personality not actions
  • Ya thats true so lets just go to the movies.
  • Olivia just wanted to fit in with everyone else so that's why she asked Sofia to vape. Sofia gets that but explains how it can be very bad for you.
  • Sofia and Olivia were still talking it out but trying to find something else to do that will not get any of them in trouble.
  • In the end, they both decided to go to the movies. Sofia Convinced Olivia that you don't have to do bad things to fit in