The Heat of Space
Updated: 6/22/2020
The Heat of Space
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  • Yay! Time for a space walk!
  • Hmm, maybe if I change into a lighters colour space suit it will stop the sun's radiation waves and keep me cool enough to finish the space walk.
  • Oh my god! My opaque black space suit is absorbing all of the sun's radiation waves in and it's burning me!
  • Oh no! Everything feels like its going wrong today! Now the vent is blowing air that is much too hot so the heat convection will heat up the space station too quickly and it explode! I have to shut it off.
  • I've finally got the vent turned off, anyway, heat convection works by the hot air heating the air particles around it and those particles heat other particles and so on and so forth, causing the entire space station to heat up and eventually explode. Now I can finally go change!
  • Finally, I'm all changed, hopefully now that I'm in a lighter colour space suit the sun's radiation waves won't be as bad. Light colours help keep cool against heat radiation because instead of absorbing head like dark colours, they reflect the heat away and help keep cool.
  • Yay! the sun's radiation isn't burning me, but the real reason I came out here was to fix this satellite.
  • So that the heat conduction from the hot metal on the satellite doesn't burn me while I fix it I'm wearing heat proof gloves because that way the heat will transfer into the gloves and not into me. There! All done, thanks for helping me today and see you next time!
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