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Sahar's Storyboard
Updated: 2/24/2020
Sahar's Storyboard
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  • Introduction
  • Sahar BaloutchMs. Walker, GLC 2o0727390
  • Today I will be guiding viewers through the importance of the different multiple intelligences and how they can be used to determine possible career opportunities!
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • How will finding out my multiple intelligences benefit my future?
  • What are Multiple intelligences?
  • My Top 3 Intelligences
  • Sahar's Multiple Intelligence results : 1. Number/reasoning smart - 88%2. Self smart - 81%3. Body smart - 79%
  • The idea of individuals having their own unique multiple intelligences was created by Howard Gardner in 1983. According to Dr. Gardner, he felt that intelligence could not be tested and one must have an open mind when it comes to learning different concepts. Dr. Gardeners theory revolved around the idea of "empowering learners" rather than restricting them to one form of learning.
  • Number/reasoning smart
  • Me too!
  • I like Algebra, Quadratics and graphing!
  • The intelligences include logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, interpersonal, bodily/kinesthetics, musical and naturalist. According to Dr. Gardner, these are the different types of modalities that can apply to any individual depending on their strengths and abilities. Throughout this comic, I will be explaining my intelligences and occupations associated with them.
  • Self smart
  • Being self smart means understanding who I am rather than what I am. I understand that I am kind, funny, caring and confusing all in one!
  • After completing the multiple intelligence quiz, I was able to identify my 3 top intelligences. My first intelligence was number/reasoning smart (88%), followed by self smart (81%) and lastly body smart (79%). Based on this information, I can find jobs that I will be successful working in with my multiple intelligences!
  • Body smart
  • One of my first and highest ranked intelligence was being Mathematical/logical smart. When seeing this as my highest result, I was surprised as math is not one of my strongest strengths nor something I enjoy doing . Individuals with this intelligence naturally excel in mathematics, scientific thinking and investigation, and the ability to do complex calculations
  • Using numbers and incorporating mathematics is apart of my everyday life. Whether being at school or at home, I am always using my skill to complete different tasks and homework associated with number sense. For example, while doing my math homework, I use different formulas and methods to find my final answer.
  • My second intelligence was being interpersonal. Individuals with the Interpersonal trait are known to have the ability to understand themselves, their feelings, fears and motivations. Having this trait is important because it is about handling yourself independently and being content with who you are so you can present yourself in a positive manner to those around you.
  • I am self smart in many ways. I understand myself and know how to present myself when being around a group of people. I am able to make wise decisions as well as take leadership, all of which prove I am able to control my thoughts and actions. 
  • Lastly, my final intelligence was being body smart. Individuals who are body smart utilize their whole body or parts of the body to solve problems. When playing in target games, the body smart trait is important since one must be able to move to open spaces and aim. For example, in basketball it is important to be body smart so you can collaborate and win with your teammates.
  • I use my body and movement in my everyday life, specifically during gym class and going to the gym after school hours. A fun and easy way I use my body is when I play different sports. By doing so, I am using my body to engage in games and collaborate with my peers as well as have a healthy mental health.
  • My favourite sport is basketball! I enjoy this sport because it involves body movement and being active which is something I am good at 
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