Projekt 1065 Plot Map
Updated: 1/30/2020
Projekt 1065 Plot Map
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  • Introduction
  • We mustn't expose our cover, Michael. You need to pretend you're a Nazi.
  • Rising Action
  • I'll hide you in this barn since I told them that I already checked it. Wait until my parents pick you up.
  • Rising Action
  • Oh, my! That's a big drop...
  • A group of Irish spies living in Nazi Germany, and the Nazis. Michael and his family must pretend that they're apart of the Nazi party so they can gather intel that could help the Allies win the war while avoiding getting caught. They must prove their loyalty no matter the costs to help the Allies.
  • Climax
  • That's the Jew Micheals's parents were hiding! Now we just need to find his parents...
  • Michael and his Hitler Youth group are searching for a fallen British airman, but unlike the rest of the boys, Michael wants to save him. After he finds the pilot, he learns that he was on a mission to take pictures of "Projekt 1065," which are new German fighter jets. Michael informs his parents who then hide Simon, the British airman, in their house.
  • Falling Action
  • Fritz, one of Michael's friends, shows him a picture at school that he stole from his dad, and Michael recognizes it as plans for Projekt 1065. Michael wants to get access to more of the plans for Simon, so he decides to join the SRD along with Fritz, to become close friends with Fritz and to get into his house. However, to join the SRD, Micheal has to overcome his fear of heights.
  • Resolution
  • Thank you for helping us create these plans, Michael!
  • Simon, Michael, and his parents learn of a plan for SRD members to assassinate an important scientist in Switzerland. Micheal wants on the assassination so he can stop the attack, so he turns Simon and his parents in to prove his loyalty. His parents sneak out of Germany, but Simon is unable to escape and gets himself shot.
  • After Michael gets on the assassination team, he arrives in Switzerland and tries to stop the attack on the scientist by escaping with him. Fritz finds out and hides on the car with the bomb. Michael climbs on the top of the car and fights Fritz, who is gets swept away by an avalanche. but Michael holds on and saves the scientist.
  • You'll never get away with this, Fritz!
  • Michael makes his way back to Ireland safely, where his parents are waiting for him. Using his photographic memory, Michael helps recreate the plans for Projekt 1065 with an agent from the Royal Airforce.
  • 1065-- -- --- -
  • 1065
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