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Updated: 3/16/2021
english storyboard

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  • The shipwreck (Author notes)
  • No, dad why did you not join me on this recue bot . Where will I go and who will I be with.
  • Im sorry son but with my weight added to that rescue bot we would all sink .
  • Part 1 - Will I ever see my father.
  • If only there was enough space PI. These animals are here to help remember me.
  • Part 2 - I See Land!!!
  • IN the book the Life of Pi by Yann Martel. When Pi first heard the words the ship is going down he knew that both he and his father have a low chance of making it out alive. His father's wish was to let his animals and his son go on his rescue bot so Pi would survive but his father would not.
  • Back at sea.
  • Hi, over here, we could join our boats and try to find more land together.
  • Keep talking to me , I want to join but I'm blind so I have to use your voice as navigation.
  • How did you get stuck at sea?
  • In this scene of the book Pi is sailing at sea he is about 4 days in and is really starting to be hungry so he starts seeing random visions of his father in his thaughts.
  • The story of the blind man.
  • So, I was on this cargo boat and iI heard someone yell the boat is sinking and they got me into a life boat.
  • After being stuck on the ocean for 112 days Pi finally sees land. he survived his very long journey. His tiger and hyena are not there because in order to survive he had to eat them. He starts exploring the island and sees fruits with teeth marks that look like are left from a human. He decides to leave the island because he was scared that there is an animal that eats people there.
  • The land of miracles.
  • Let me help you two . Lets take you to the hospital to get you checked and we will bring you food and water
  • He is back at sea but this time he sees someone else and it's an older man on a similar lifeboat. He starts yelling to him to join. But the old man tells him that he's blind and does not see where he is.
  • The blind man joins boats and tells Pi about how he got stuck at sea. He tells him that one of the boats he was on sank and he got thrown into a rescue boat. Pi realizes that the boat that the man is talking about is the same one that he was on.
  • At the end of the book, Pi and the blind man have reached another island near Mexico. After a total journey of 227 days at sea, they see a village. Once they make it to land the locals rush them to the hospital and treat them to food and water. Pi becomes know for spending 99 days with a tiger,
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