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Creation Myth part one
Updated: 2/18/2020
Creation Myth part one
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  • Back then, there was nothing. No Earth, no life, no color. Just deep, black, darkness. Everything was still. The only thing moving was time, and time was colorless.
  • Finally, one day, there was a glimpse of light. The light only got bigger, growing day by day, until the light stretched out to the entire universe.
  • Once it did, things began to grow. Things like animals, but only parts of them. A fox head grew, and a bear’s body grew. When the parts grew, they merged together to make one big animal. This animal was not a normal animal, in fact it was a god. Its name was Lea.
  • One day, Lea was lonely, so she decided to go for a walk in the brightness. There was no Earth at this point, just brightness. “Why is there just brightness? It is a lonely place rather.” Thought Lea. “I should create a place to live. It should be filled with plants and oceans.” With that, she created Earth.
  • Once Lea created Earth she realized that she was lonely and only had the trees to comfort her. So she picked up some twigs and started sticking them together with mud outlining a person. Once she was done she breathed into it and the person came to life. “This is great!” Thought Lea. She began to create more humans, and more animals. She created dogs, cats, hawks, fish, birds, and all of the other species.
  • Elle Tye Hes Red
  • She now had many friends and wasn't lonely, but it was hard managing Earth all by herself. So, she decided to create more gods. She did this the same way she created people, but instead of using twigs she used branches from the prettiest most thriving trees she could find. “You,” Lea declared. “You should be the goddess of wind and joy. You make the trees sway and the beings happy. Your name is Elle.” She made another. “You shall be the god of water and time. You control when the sun sets and rises, and maintain the lakes, rivers, oceans, and any other body of water. Your same is Tye.” Lea kept making more. She made Hes, the god of fire, darkness, and war, Jaz, the goddess of weather, and Red, the god of agriculture and the afterlife. All of these gods and goddesses together created the wonderful world we live in today.
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