Explain CRISPR
Updated: 2/19/2021
Explain CRISPR

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  • Hey, I'm DEFINITLEY a human like you, lets talk about it.
  • Humans have a really cool gene editing tool called CRISPR
  • And when I say mess up, I mean just cuts it out
  • If you think of CRISPR as a tool, then what is it used for?
  • Well it works with protein called CAS-9 to mess up some DNA
  • But mister, if its that small, how does it know where to go? And how does it know what to do?
  • It works with a form of RNA called gRNA that guieds CRISPR to the desired location
  • great question random human
  • And it works with a template DNA
  • That's how it knows that to do
  • Who cares :(
  • This technique has brought a rise of research into De-Extinction
  • What if you could bring back dead species?
  • This could be good because we can bring back species that have been extinct, but don't get to ahead of yourself. As we've seen many time, sometimes it isn't good to bring back extinct species
  • Well I'm off now, time to to human things that us humans do