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Battle of Gettysburg
Updated: 4/4/2020
Battle of Gettysburg
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  • The Battle of Gettysburg
  • The Union and Confederates both marched toward the town of Gettysburg.
  • Get out of Gettysburg!
  • Retreat to the hills!
  • Let's beat them again!
  • Okay.
  • The battle was between Robert E. Lee's army and a combined army of Union troops which included the Army of the Potomac.
  • At least we have the high ground.
  • The Union troops were pushed out of Gettysburg by the Confederates and had to retreat to a series of hills a short distance away from Gettysburg. There, at the hills, is where the battle for Gettysburg took place.
  • We must win so that our invasion can keep moving along.
  • We must win this battle, men.
  • The battle was fought from July 1 to July 3 in the year of 1863. This battle took place after a big victory for the Confederacy at Chancellorsville. This battle was one of the most important battles of the war.
  • The North won the Battle of Gettysburg. Lee had to retreat to Virginia.
  • We must retreat to Virginia.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg took place at a series of hills near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was part of the Union. The Union had positions all along the top of the hills while the Confederates were below the hills.
  • Are you sure we should attack?
  • That's good.
  • The battle took place because Robert E. Lee was invading the North and the North was choosing to try and stop him at Gettysburg. A victory for the North at Gettysburg would help the North stop Lee's invasion and could possibly turn the tide of the war in the North's favor.
  • The North held their positions and on July 2nd, the Confederates attacked the North on their right and left flanks but the Union troops were able to hold their positions against the Confederates who were charging up the hills. On July 3, 15,000 Confederate troops under general Pickett attacked the center of the Union defenses and was nearly completely destroyed by union fire from the front, left, and right.
  • They almost killed all of Pickett's army!
  • We won!
  • Hooray!
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