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The battle of Antietam
Updated: 4/4/2020
The battle of Antietam
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  • The Battle of Antietam
  • Regroup, the Union knows our plan!
  • Invade the North!
  • We must win this battle!
  • The battle was between Robert E. Lee's army and George McClellan's army. Robert E. Lee's army was on the Confederate side and George McClellan's army was on the Union side.
  • Hold them back with your fire!
  • Fire across the field!
  • Robert E. Lee invaded Maryland. He split his forces and gave each group a certain town to attack. The Union found out about the attack and Lee was forced to regroup his forces together so that his split up army wouldn't be over run by the Union. The Union meets the Confederates at Antietam.
  • Push them back!
  • The battle took place on September 17, 1862 in the morning. The South had won many battles before this battle happened. The North had to win this one.
  • No one could claim victory. The Union took more losses but did push Lee out of Maryland.
  • Retreat to Virginia!
  • We pushed them out of Maryland!
  • The battle took place in a field near Antietam Creek. It took place in Sharpsburg, Maryland which is in Union territory. The Union and Confederate armies faced off in a flat field which led to lots of casualties.
  • The Confederates had invaded Union territory by entering Maryland. The Union was trying to push them out. So far, the Union has been losing lots of battles and had been repeatedly pushed back by the Confederates.
  • The Union attacked the Confederate lines and because of the flat terrain of the field, there were many casualties. The Union pushed the Confederates back but Confederate reinforcements pushed the Union back to where they had started. At the end of the day, both armies withdrew from the fighting and the next day, Robert E. Lee retreated back to Virginia. McClellan chose not to pursue Lee.
  • Enough of us have already died.
  • But lots of us died.
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