Updated: 11/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oh shoot sorry my bad, thanks for the save Taylor.
  • Okay so today everyone we are going to learn how to prevent an accident from happening.I need everyone listening.
  • James don't touch that machine you don't even have any gloves on!! ARE YOU CRAZY!
  • Okay Mia just move away from the music player please!
  • Whew! i'm glad i'm not fixing that thing, because if that was they will fired me so quick.
  • Oh my god this music player is smoking out of no where i'm scared.
  • Okay class we will be working on how to fix this music player and Mia you will be cleaning since you already fix something.
  • Your messing up everything Adam you act like you don't know how to fix computers!
  • GUYS! Today were going to work on safety, when it comes to working on hands on projects.
  • Mia hush cause you haven't even touch the computers yet all you do is talk.
  • Guys come on stop arguing your going to mess up the machine.