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Updated: 12/18/2020
GT Humanities - China Creative Product

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  • Hey Baba, we are tight on money. We are struggling for food as we have just got hit with a drought, and our crops will not grow.
  • On a Sunday afternoon in 1838, Viggy Chen and his father were plowing the fields of their 2-acre piece of farmland.
  • That is okay son, we will somehow manage.
  • Hey Baba, is there anything wrong. Can I help?
  • After a few months, Viggy Chen notices that his father is acting a little strange and secretive.
  • No, son, I am completely fine.
  • BABA!!! What happened!
  • Another few months pass. Viggy Chen discovers his father in bed, dead from an opium overdose.
  • After a few months of grief alone, Viggy Chen decides to avenge the death of his father that the British caused, but he doesn’t know-how.
  • Fortunately for Viggy Chen, he is drafted to go to war to go to fight against Britain in the First Opium War.
  • During his training for the army and war, Chen went through vigorous exercises.
  • Yes, Sir!
  • Stop standing around Chen! That's 1000 more pushups!
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