Updated: 3/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • "Yes," said Lizzy,"I'd love to go to the coffee shop".
  • "Lets go to the coffee shop LIzzy," said Joey.
  • "Coming right up," said Gabby.
  • "Lizzy," declared Joey, we are right next to the coffee shop!"
  • "I'm getting tired," Lizzy said.
  • "Lets go get a seat," Joey said.
  • "Here are your two iced coffees," said Gabby, "Enjoy!"
  • "I will get our orders," Lizzy said, " what do you want Joey?
  • " Okay, we'll have two iced coffees please," said Lizzy.
  • " I'll have an iced coffee," said Joey.
  • "Okay," said Joey," I will sit down too."
  • "Let's go take a seat," said Lizzy.
  • "Thank you!" laughed Joey.
  • " I forgot!" creid Lizzy,"it's November first!"