ENGL 225 Postcolonialism

Updated: 5/12/2020
ENGL 225 Postcolonialism

Storyboard Text

  • What are you doing here?
  • I am going to settle on this land and use the resources to benefit my homeland.
  • But this is where my people live and we need the resources
  • My people are more important than yours. I will teach you that this is true. You will do all of the hard work for me.
  • It's so nice to have people less than you doing your work.
  • Doing this work is so hard and it's hard to even remember who we are anymore.
  • I will let you be your own people now. Good luck. Hopefully you can find your cultural identity again and don't have a leader that's a dictator.
  • Oh and remember we are still better than you.
  • Now that he's gone, we should embrace the parts of our culture that we still have.
  • Even though the Western man tried to tell us otherwise, our voices have a lot to offer
  • Postcolonialism "recognises both historical continuity and change" (McLeod 39). While colonialism will affect us for years to come, the promise and necessity of change in the future gives us hope for our voices to be heard.