Updated: 11/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Greek Mythology
  • Sendeth him to the labyrinth!
  • Greek Mythology
  • Thank you for creating this labyrinth for me.
  • You are welcome my lord.
  • Ovid's Perspective
  • I must get to the princess.
  • Die foul Beast!
  • This is Greek Mythology because people back then used to think that gods could create anything and that the minotaur being born could be true.
  • Theme
  • This is Greek Mythology because labyrinths
  • Hubris
  • Don't fly too high
  • WEE How far can I fly.
  • This is Ovid's Perspective because he is narrating what is happening and narrating Theseus fighting and killing the Minotaur.
  • Theme
  • Why did you not follow my Instructions.
  • This shows theme when Icarus is playing with the wings and that his hubris is showing.
  • Icarus has Hubris and it is making him ignore his father's orders.
  • This show theme when Icarus dies because his hubris blocked out his father's Instructions.