Updated: 9/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • What do we do sally
  • struggle in canadaThe north region
  • We need to build a igloo
  • Great idea=good sleepThe north region
  • Wow sally was so smart to make an igloo. I can't imagine where we would be?
  • The north region
  • Let's go to town
  • Bill and sally don't know where to sleep
  • winterlude timequebec
  • Billy had a great night sleep thanks to sally's great idea
  • ottawa canada
  • The winterlude is so fun especially sledding on the river. Go faster bill.
  • They decide to go to town
  • north region
  • The winter ude happens every february and is a big festival.
  • Woah the winterlude. This happens every february. It is a big festival for canadians. They ice carve and have winter events.
  • In the winterlude people sled on the frozen lakes.
  • I can't!
  • They return to their igloo and see an uninvited guest.
  • Run Bill