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Energy Transformation Comic
Updated: 12/5/2018
Energy Transformation Comic
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  • One day, the sun began to wonder what the humans were doing with the precious energy he gave off. He decided to get extra powerful glasses so he could see and observe his precious energy on Earth.
  • Everyday, I use nuclear energy. I complete the process of nuclear fusion, the process of combing atoms at high speeds and then transfer my energy into thermal energy to warm up the humans.
  • He decided to look at his favorite method of energy. One that centered him more than the others: solar energy. The sun's thermal energy is absorbed and then converted to electrical energy by the solar panels.
  • We couldn't do it without our favorite star!
  • The sun watched the human turn on the oven. As he thought about this, he also reminded himself that the electrical energy was being transferred to thermal energy.
  • Awww! For once another human necessity that produces thermal energy!
  • The sun realized that the thermal energy from the hot oven had baked the cookies, causing chemical energy, which can be noticed because of a chemical reaction, he noted.
  • Look at the cookies I just made!
  • The sun thought about how the energy from the cookie could be transferred to the human. Since the cookie is chemical energy, the energy can then be broken down and reformed into new chemical energy and stored until needed. So, he decided the energy transfer must be from chemical to chemical.
  • This is my favorite type of chemical energy!
  • The chemical energy that is stored is transfered to mechanical energy as the soccer ball is kicked, the sun said.
  • WHAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK! There goes the mechanical energy into the soccer ball!
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