Twelth night scene 3
Updated: 2/5/2021
Twelth night scene 3

Storyboard Text

  • Olivia asks Cesario/Viola if she loves her.
  • Mario warns Olivia of Malvolio's strange behavior.
  • Please, don't leave.
  • I love you. Do you feel the same?
  • No, sorry. I am not what I seem.
  • Malviolio proves to Olivia that he is mad and Olivia asks Sir Andrew to take care of him.
  • Sir Andrew figures out Olivia loves Cesario more that him.
  • That must mean Olivia loves Cesario much more than she loves me! I must get revenge on that Cesario!
  • Sir Andrew takes care of him by putting him in jail.
  • Antonio makes sure Viola's twin Sebastion stays safe in this new town.
  • How about you can wander around but meet me back at the inn later. Got it?
  • But you know nothing about this city. You are sure to get lost. I can't go with you because I am a wanted man.
  • Yep! See you later.
  • I want to go see the sights!
  • Bring him in here.
  • Malvolio is mad! He has gone crazy, what shall I do?
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?Because 7! HAHAHAH
  • He has gone mad!Take care of him while I am gone.
  • Oh, don't worry I will take care of him.
  • This jail should take care of you for a while!