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  • Khawaja Ahmad Abbas's story "Bholi" has a dramatic ending. Bholi, the protagonist. does not cry herself Instead, she takes the bold step of refusing to be garlanded as Bishamber Das's wife. In doing so, she courageously refuses to be exploited by a greedy man. Her decision to stay with her parents to serve them in their old age by taking up a job in her own alma-mater makes the ending meaningful. Thus, the ending of the story offers education as the most potent solution for the emancipation of and equality of women. Education alone can bring an end to the discrimination and stigmas that women have to bear in a patriarchal society just because they are women. Thus, the ending is very dramatic but very powerful.BY BLESSNOOR KAURCLASS - XGROLL NO. - 06
  • Take this book. It is full of nice pictures with big black letters. In one month you will be able to read this book, then iwill give you a bigger book and so on. Then no one will ever laugh at you. You will be respected by everyone and will never stammer. understood? now go home back and come back tomorrow early morning.
  • Really!! That's so amazing
  • When the school bell rang, all scurried out of classroom but Bholi did not move from her place and kept sobbing "Bholi"
  • Yes, Bholi, of course
  • Don't you worry pitaji! In your old age i will serve you and mother and i will teach in the same school where i learnt so much. Isn't that right, ma'am
  • But what about you, no one will ever marry you now.What shall we do with you?
  • Then shall i accept Bishamber's proposal?
  • One night after dinner.....
  • That's right, But he is not so young, you know. Moreover, Children from his first wife are quite grown up.
  • Yeah, You are right
  • Yes, certainly. Bholi will be lucky to get such a well-to-do- bridegroom. He has a big shop, a house, several thousand in bank. Moreover he is not asking for any dowry
  • 45 or 50 is no great age for man. we are lucky that he is from another village and do not know about her pock marks and lack of sense.
  • Bholi was stammering and whole class started laughing at her thus tears flowed from her eyes.
  • Teacher - What's your name, Little one?
  • Bh- Bho- Bho
  • yes, It will be very easy . You just come to school everyday, will you?
  • Well Done, If you put the fear out of your heart then you will be able to speak like everyone else.
  • Dear, tell me your name now
  • Bho -Bh - Bh- Bholi
  • Ye - Ye- Yes
  • Really?
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