Strythio translation porject
Updated: 2/25/2021
Strythio translation porject

Storyboard Text

  • Too bad! There's this fine girl that's looking for Modestus... Also that dude's crazy, no way!
  • Hey Strythio Come here! The centurion needs you and Modestus at the prison ASAP!
  • Umm excuse me? You're name is Opido. What kind of name is that BWAHAHA
  • Please, just chill for a second - You AND Modestus have to guard the prison. Ok?
  • Dude shut up you look like the fat man statue at Chinese restaurants!! Also no way he's crazy!
  • *Idiot*... Did I mention it's the centurion who's calling???
  • Actually... That reminds me of the time I guarded the whole African province all by myself!! (Modestus might've helped a little bit)
  • Modestus, I need my lemon-infused coconut water NOW
  • We are very strong... Now go tell Valerius I say hi and I'm on the way!
  • Haha umm... That's not what he told me :) Anyway you have to guard Vercobrix, son of the Dencali cheif.. so... good luck