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The Apple Tart of Hope
Updated: 3/17/2020
The Apple Tart of Hope
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By: Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

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  • Oscar and Meg were best friends. They could sit in their windows and talk for hours. Oscar made the best apple tarts in town, that seemed to be magic and always made whoever ate it have hope and happiness.
  • Meg was in love with Oscar. She wanted to tell him, but she didn't know how. So, she wrote a letter about her feelings for Oscar. In the end, Meg did not send the letter, but hid it under her mattress instead.
  • Meg went on a trip to New Zealand. A girl named Paloma moved in, and wanted Oscar to love her, but he did not- he loved Meg. Paloma spread rumors about him. Oscar got teased. He thought Paloma was his friend. She gave him Meg's letter saying how she and Oscar would never be together. Meg ignored him for over a month. Then, Paloma told Oscar that he was the reason for his mother's death and his brother's wheelchair. This continued for six months.
  • Oscar was confused. He was sad. But most of all, he was unbelievably upset. Oscar got on his bike and rode faster than he ever had before. He road off- into the ocean. He tried to kill himself. Barney was a man Oscar had saved, now Barney saved him. He pulled Oscar out of the water, but Oscar did not want to go back to his home, his school, or anywhere. Barney offered Oscar his home to stay in.
  • In the ocean, Oscar's bike and shoes were found. Everyone thought he was dead. Meg thought it was all her fault. But she and Stevie, Oscar's brother, knew Oscar was not dead. The had to prove it. The went to Oscar's locker, their, they found Meg's letter. Stevie read it. He was mad at Meg. Meg read the letter, but it was not hers. Meg had hand written her letter, that letter was typed. But instantly she knew what had happened. Paloma.
  • Meg found out about Oscar's last six months. She had talked to Barney, not even knowing that Oscar was living with him. One day, Barney got sick. He was dying. Oscar could not live alone, but he could not show his face at school again either. Oscar had to go back home.
  • The End
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