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Water cycle project.
Updated: 10/14/2020
Water cycle project.
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  • Evaporation for the win.
  • Is it me or is it hot here.
  • wow i'm rising.
  • Condensation in action.
  • Brrr Itś kind of cold here. I might condense.
  • wow what happened how did I become this.
  • Precipitation taking the stage.
  • whoa I'm falling because of gravity..
  • In the pic the suns radiation is evaporating the water to a gas then it rises into the atmosphere to condense.
  • Run off wowing the crowd.
  • I'm sliding off this mountain.
  • Due to the lack of heat up near the atmosphere the gas particles merged with the dust up in the sky then it condenses to a cloud.
  • Ground water finding it's way down town.
  • The water drops fall due to gravity and either land in a body of water or on land.
  • The water cycle starts again with evaporation.
  • Wow I am evaporating again. Maybe I should find a way to cool off next time.
  • As the water flows off the mountain like run off it either seeps into the ground inside a aquifer or goes back to the ocean.
  • Ground water moves to find a big or small body of water to be with.
  • welp better find some more water.
  • As the ground water finds it's body of water it evaporates then the water cycle starts again.
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