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Road to the American Revolution Project
Updated: 10/23/2020
Road to the American Revolution Project
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  • Navigation Act
  • 1
  • It's ridiculous I can only use British ships to transport my goods
  • King George wants to make sure England is getting all the revenue
  • Stamp Act
  • 2
  • It is ridiculous that the King would put a tax on so many paper items
  • The King made this tax to pay off the French and Indian War which is unfair
  • Quartering Act
  • 3
  • It is required by King George that you give us your last bed and all of your food
  • I only have one bed and only enough food for myself and my children
  • We need you to give us shelter and food
  • 4
  • a. The Navagation Acts were a law that made it illegal to trade with any country except Britain, sometimes even only allowing British ships to be used in trade.b. The colonists were upset that their trade was restricted.
  • Boston Massacre
  • Those colonists were innocent! The British soilders are guilty for killing 5 of our people!!
  • How dare the British open fire on the colonists!!
  • a. The Stamp Act was a tax that was put on newpapers, dice, legal documents, and playing cards. The Stamp Act was a way of paying off the French and Indian War. b. The colonists were upset with the Stamp Act and rejected the Stamp Act.
  • Intolerable/Coercive Acts
  • 5
  • I agree!
  • The British have limited our rights once again! We must stop this!
  • 6
  • a. The Quartering Acts were a law that if a British soilder needed shelter or food or a place to sleep then you were required to house them and feed them no matter what.b. The colonists were very upset that they had to give up their houses and all their food to the soilders
  • 2nd Continental Congress
  • I also say we write a document stating all the functions our goverment will have.
  • I say we write a leter to Great Britian delcaring independence
  • a. The Boston Massacre was an event were the British soilders had open fire on the colonists because of miscommunication.b. The colonists had become very angry at Britian because of the propaganda that was used to make it seem like the British had attacked the colonists
  • a. The Intolerable/Coercive Acts were England punishment to Boston for the Bostion Tea Party. b. The colonists were angry that their rights had been limited and 56 delegates had met to discuss a plan of action.
  • We must discuss a plan of action
  • The British soldiers have taken all of our food and our beds once again I am tired of this
  • a. The 2nd Continental Congress was the second meeting of the delegates where 3 important desicions were made about the declartion of indeoendence and etc.b. The colonists had agreed with the decisions and were probably ok with the decisions.
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