Ares Myth
Updated: 11/3/2020
Ares Myth

Storyboard Text

  • I hate him
  • I do
  • Marry now
  • I love her
  • I do
  • Hi
  • Hey
  • Aphrodite is forced to marry Hephaestus, but does not love him
  • Yes sir
  • You must tell me once Helios is out!
  • Aphrodite instead had been having a growing relationship with the god of war, Ares.
  • zzzzzzzz
  • Ares and Aphrodite start a secret loving relationship
  • wow
  • Ares assigns his apprentice to the job of watching for Helios and then alerting Ares in order to not get caught with Aphrodite.
  • Everything is going well until Alectryon falls asleep on his job...
  • Ares and Aphrodite are not alerted, therefore Helios along with all of the other gods finds out about what they've been up to.