Hamilton Vs Jefferson Storyboard
Updated: 2/2/2021
Hamilton Vs Jefferson Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Outside of the cabinet room in the White House, Thomas Jefferson (left) and Alexander Hamilton (right) debate the US Government's response to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • This is outrageous! The quarantine and travel bans imposed by our government deprive our people of liberty...
  • And these measures are not even effective, since historical trends show that the threat of quarantines could cause infected people to hide their symptoms, according to policy analysts!
  • --
  • No. Travel bans, even if they're not foolproof, still help to slow the spread of the virus, buying the government valuable time to prepare.
  • The people who know they are sick cannot be depended on to quarantine responsibly or limit their travel; we must force them to do so, since they might hide their symptoms either way.
  • Besides, it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of so small an entity as a virus from entering an area, no matter how hard we may try to secure it.
  • What we should instead do is monitor people entering our nation and test them for the virus so as not to unjustly imprison them, in a way.
  • But physicians assert that travel bans will stop powers from sharing information necessary to stop the virus, and can stimulate the spread of xenophobia!
  • We need a slow pandemic, not a fast one, and doing things like quarantining people from affected areas and closing our borders to Europeans is the only way to ensure this. We must do everything we can not to inherit Europe's problems!
  • But what would you say about the successes of countries that have quarantined their sick? You quote historical trends but are blind to the fact that the more drastic measures Korea and Singapore have taken are working!
  • Even if people in previous quarantines did hide their symptoms out of fear of alienation, that doesn't mean the quarantines didn't work.
  • But we cannot limit our citizens' rights like this and still call ourselves the guardians of liberty! We should take some precautions, but we cannot cut our nation off from infected countries!
  • No! Excessive liberty can at times sow danger, and this is one of those times!