The Great Gatsby
Updated: 4/9/2021
The Great Gatsby

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  • Hello Mr Gatsby, Tell us about yourself
  • Well, I don´t even know where to start
  • Gatsby is surprised with a news reporter to tell his life story.
  •  James Gatsby grew up on a farm in North Dakota. He attended college in Minnesota but had to drop out because his terrible janitor job couldn´t pay his tuition.
  • Gatsby met a wealthy man with a yacht and realized he wanted to have rich in his future. Whenever Dan Cody, the very wealthy man, passed Gatsby inherited $25,000. This was the start of his successful life.
  • At a party, the love of Gatsby´s life, Daisy, was there. However, her arrogant husband, Tom, was also there. He asked how Gatsby inherited all his money which upset Daisy.
  • Money doesn´t just grow on trees Daisy!!