World geography work
Updated: 12/4/2018
World geography work
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  • Korean war
  • Space Race
  • Breaking news, NASA Apollo 1 space shuttle has just landed on the moon.
  • Cuba-Bay of Pigs
  • The Korean war was with itself two parts of the place the North and South Korea. They where both are fighting on Communism and Republican, so they ask us Americans to go help them sort out some issues with them.
  • Berlin Wall
  • The space race was one of the most historical event of all time, cause all around the world are challenging each other to see who would be able to land a shuttle to space and put down their flag to represent there conquer. And when the U.S send out three people to go to the moon, they had made it and place their flag on the surface for everyone one back home at Earth can see.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • The Cuba-Bay of Pigs is a location in Cuba and it said that their was a man made canal for trades people around the world can go to for they can make profit. And it is the fastest route for people can go through.
  • Vietnam War
  • Is a literal wall that is build for as a border to separate the people who doesn't regulate of the governments orders, so they are been sent to the other side on what they are.
  • President Kennedy accidentally launch in an a attack on the people of Cuba, but not a lot of people were to happy when they heard about what happened to them.
  • The Vietnam war is a really difficult war for everyone because it took a long time for everything to be confirmed on the winning of the communist. It made a huge difference to the community on the battle they all have to go through with.
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