LA Short Story - Habitat
Updated: 3/18/2020
LA Short Story - Habitat

Storyboard Text

  • Herbert goes on a trip
  • (Person on phone): Oof. Well have fun!
  • Herbert: Ugh , I have to go see my family.
  • Mom: Come on, it'll be fun!
  • The Arrival
  • The Meeting
  • Isn't this cool son?
  • Here, is young Herbert. He is on a family trip to see his distant relatives who he barely knows and likes even less.
  • The Bonding
  • Hey sonny, wanna go for a walk in the forest? Together?
  • So, they arrived in the tropical, southeast pacific islands, awaiting their family. Their family lives in a small tribal village in the heart of the rainforest surrounded by wildlife.
  • The Realization
  • Hey bugs! Stop fighting, its not good. You need to learn to live with each other. Oh wait, I need to do that. Thank you bugs!
  • Herbert meets his grandparents who he has now found deep in the jungle. His mother insists him to bond with his grandfather but he persistently ignores her.
  • The Rejoicing
  • I'm sorry everyone. I should have realized to be more embracing. Sometimes I just need to adapt to a new habitat
  • Herbert is fed up with togetherness and his foreign family. Little does e know that like everyone else, he must adapt to his habitat. His life was just made for him, but when does he need to actually change?
  • NO!
  • Herbert is strolling along the beach when he stumbles upon some clashing bugs. Thats when he realizes that he should be like them except not fight, but instead adapt and learn to tolerate others.
  • *Animals fighting*
  • And then he figured it out. Its our roots as humans, found everywhere in nature. Make yourself a home and adapt when your in a new place, otherwise you will fail to realize the beauty of life.
  • Herbert!