Updated: 4/1/2021

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  • Sure, I don't really understand exponents so maybe this will help.
  • We have that test for math tomorrow,. Want to come to my house ans study?
  • So like if a^3 times a^4 would just simplify down to a^7?
  • Lets start with the product rule. If there are exponents being multiplied with the same base, then your able to add the exponents.
  • Exactly! If you write it out, a would be multiplied 7 times.
  • Yes! But make sure you subtract the smaller number, not always the denominator from the numerator. So if you had a^4/a^7 it would be 1/a^3 because you always need something in the numerator postilion.
  • That makes sense! Would f^9/f^2 would be f^7?
  • Quotient rule is just as easy! When a number with the same base is being divided, you would subtract the exponents
  • All you have to do is distribute the exponent! So (a^3)^2 would simplify to a^6
  • Okay, and (2^12)^2 would be 4^24!
  • Power rule is when you multiply a number or variable by an exponent.
  • Okay, then 1/h^-7 must be h^7!
  • This next one is harder. Negative exponents need to be reverted to their reciprocals. x^-2 can be changed into 1/x^2 because the reciprocal of x is 1/x and then you would apply the exponent
  • Now for the last one! Zero exponents. When a base is being multiplied by 0, the base with the exponent will always simplify to 1!
  • I know this, it's because of the pattern of exponents! 2^0 would simplify to 1.