Period 3 storyboard due tuesday
Updated: 2/11/2021
Period 3 storyboard due tuesday

Storyboard Text

  • hey momma i wish i could see u longer but we cant...
  • i cant see u long because i have to work in the morning and ill get caught...
  • this is where he was born in tuckahoe, maryland in the country.
  • i want to see my mother but im not allowed to see her.
  • they both wanted to see eachother longer but everytime they see each other it's only a little time and its always at nighttime.
  • please stop!!!!!!!!
  • u need to listen or i'm going to hit u.
  • frederick was born in tuckahoe in maryland in the country.
  • im going to sell you guys.
  • he wasn't allowed to see his mother because she was ill and he never knew about her death and illness.
  • my master said i couldn't make any inquiries.
  • frederick said the guy would whip her to make her hush.
  • the master is going to sell his class of slaves.
  • his master said he couldn't make any inquiries of his concerns.