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Comic Project
Updated: 10/2/2020
Comic Project
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  • I-I-I'm sorry, Mom.
  • Why do you not clean the mess you left inside?!
  • Because were your parents and we tell you what to do, you understand!?
  • Why do I have to work in this field while my friends are having fun and enjoying life?!
  • Yeah, now get back to work, and just for asking that question, your going to work on the field alone!
  • Get back here CARSON!
  • No, never!
  • There was once a boy named Carson, he lived with his horrendous parents in a small house -which was located in a poor city- that also had a small field and farm as his parents were poor farmers. He was the only child. He was pretty unhappy as his parents scolded at him a lot do things and he was always discouraged when he talked about him wanting to become an astronaut.
  • When Carson was ready, they forced him start working in the fields with his parent so that he could grow up to be a farmer and earn more money for the family compared to what they were earning at the time. Carson didn't like working out in the field as he saw all his friends enjoying time. When Carson protested about why he had to work in a field, while all the other kids had fun and got to be who they wanted to be, he was yelled at and was told to finish working on the field alone as a punishment.
  • One day, Carson was very vivid at his parents and could no longer tolerate being scolded at and being mistreated by them. So he decided to escape from his home, his father tried to catch up to Carson but couldn't . Carson ran and ran, until he reached a city he didn't recognized , he was noticed by a married couple (Charles and Alison) and taken to the police station, there they found that there were no records of him, so they put him up for adoption, there he was adopted by the couple that had found him.
  • One possible theme for the story/comic is that hard work will eventually pay off. The main idea of the story/comic is that a boy dreams that he wants to become an astronaut and tries his hardest to achieve his dream. The characters that are in the story/comic are Carson, his mom and dad, the couple that adopted him (Charles and Alison). The settings of the story are Carson's house and the field, the classroom where Carson studies, and the place where the rocket (which Carson was inside of) was launched from.
  • The End
  • The couple raised him very well -compared to his original parents-, and Carson grew up and started going to school and studying how to become an astronaut. He studied real hard and diligently and every time he was about to give up he thought about the hard work that he has done to get where he is now. So he perserverd and did his best and never gave up.
  • After years of working hard and never giving up, Carson finally finished studied and was able to apply to become an astronaut. He trainied very hard to get the "job" as an astronaut. And after many years of preservearence and never giving up, the dream that Carson had, since his childhood was achieved, he became an astronaut, and his first mission was to got to the moon again after many years .
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